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Diploma in Teaching
Business English (TBE) 

The Diploma in Teaching Business English is specifically designed to provide Corporate Trainers working in the field of Business English current professional pedagogy. It equips them with specific knowledge, skills and approaches t train English Language learners in the corporate environment. The course will allow you to interact with other professionals in the field of Business English Training and develop the skill set specific to meet the needs of corporate client.  

The training task and assignments in this course are especially practical and include materials which you and your students will enjoy using the classroom. Activities during the course will include reading tasks, presentations, role-plays, simulations, discussions, observations and self-correcting exercises. 


The Diploma in Teaching Business English covers 3 modules which form the basic theoretical framework for Business English practice. Students have the flexibility to follow the course on-site as a Part Time student or via Distance Learning. It is possible to work at your own pace and control the completion and submission of assignments leading to the Diploma.


Admission Requirements
  • Be a competent speaker of English;
  • Have obtained at least 5 credits in GCE 'O' Level with a credit in GCE 'O' Level  English as a First Language or;
  •  High School English standards from regional countries



Course Contents 


Total Course Duration: 70 hours (Course work & Self Study)


1Professional Skillsa. Syllabus Design
b. Needs Analysis
c. Course and Programme Outline
2Methodologya. Classroom Management
b. Approaches
c. Teaching 1-1
d. Evaluation of Materials
e. Pedagogy
f. Using Dictation
g. Teaching Grammar
3Business Concept and Practicesa. The Business Client
b. Cultural Differences
c. Teaching Meetings
d. Teaching Negotiation Skills
e. Teaching Presentations
f. Teaching Telephone Skills




Course Assessment


This is a non-examination course with 8 assignments to be completed. You have 1 year from registration to submit all assignments for a Course Assessment. 

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