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Diploma in TESOL


The Diploma in TESOL is specifically targeted for those who are interested in teaching English as a second or foreign language. It is also useful to current practising teachers who want to further their career. This Diploma is an internationally recognized certification that gives you access to the world of English teaching. Worldwide the demand of English teachers is on the rise, and this Diploma provides entry into this dynamic and growing market.   

The LTTC course adheres to international curriculum requirements for TESOL certification. Teaching Practice is incorporated into the Diploma programme and students will receive a separate Teaching Practice Certificate to show that they have had hands-on classroom experience.

The TESOL programme offered by LTTC is recognized by IATEFL (International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language), the TEFL Board and IATQI (International Association of TESOL Qualifying Institutions). Upon successful completion of the TESOL Diploma, students can gain membership to IATEFL and practice as TESOL teachers internationally. 


Admission Requirements

  • Be competent speakers of English;
  • Have obtained at least 5 credits in GCE ‘O’ Level with a credit in GCE ‘O’ Level English as a First Language or;


Course Contents

Total Course Duration: 102 hours (Course work & Self Study)

The course covers 4 modules which form the basic theoretical framework for TESOL practice. 


1Language Theorya. The nature of language and its acquisition.
b. Language teaching principles and methodologies.
2Language Teaching Methodologya. Teaching the language skills.
b. Teaching materials and aids.
3Linguistics & Language Teachinga. Phonetics and Phonology
b. Grammar, Morphology, and Syntax
c. Vocabulary and Meaning
d. Application of Linguistics to language teaching
4Classroom Planning and Organisationa. The Syllabus
b. Organising the class
c. Lesson Planning
5Teaching Practice

Course Assessment

·      By Examination – 1 exam after each module  

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