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‘Reliable, Effective and Efficient’

GEC combines interactive approach with technology to provide a broad range of high quality courses and delivery materials.   GEC has been developing a range of services to meet the needs of the regions.  This is partly being done by actively seeking principals who can supply quality education programs that integrate with GEC’s objectives. 

The GEC business model perspective is as a  

·         Content Provider

          *     Syllabus, teaching aids and approaches 

·         Classroom Training and Education

          *     Intensive language learning / teaching techniques and strategies 

·         On-Line Learning

          *     Using technology in language learning and teaching 

·         Corporate Solutions 

          *     Corporate Training catered to enable staff to communicate effectively

                 through skills necessary for them to perform efficiently. 

·         Professional Solutions

          *     Providing tailor made professional, rewarding and enjoyable courses to enhance one’s future 

·         Testing & Certification 

          *     Testing and Certification accredited to established international institutions  

Education Software Solutions

Growing in a highly technology-orientated environment, where practical, GEC work with technology partners to provide teaching and learning software to make lessons stimulating and interesting to students.

Student Development Services

GEC is dedicated to the provision of professional and accessible services that help students and teachers achieve their personal and professional goals in a caring and confidential environment.  GEC offers a variety of academic, personal and career-related services to meet the needs and aspirations of our students and business associates.

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